Alexandra Zerner

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“Silhouette” is a 47-min conceptual music journey, based on a personal story about conquering inner demons. It's a colourful, melodic, and emotional guitar-oriented progressive rock album, influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, Marillion, Jethro Tull, Dream Theater, Fates Warning, and Opeth, and it’s mostly instrumental work with the exception of the song “Perspectives” where the listeners can enjoy the captivating vocals of Maja Shining from the Danish metal band Forever Still.

Another notable guest-appearance to the album is the guitar hero Jeff Loomis, currently a member of Arch Enemy and well-known for his work with the iconic metal band Nevermore.

In the album, I recorded almost all of the instrument parts, as my musical palette, besides the guitar, also incorporates keyboards, bass, mandolin, lap steel guitar, fretless guitar, electric sitar, and flute. The drums are recorded by Victor Alexandrov with whom I have played as a support act for artists like Stu Hamm, Greg Howe, and Dream Theater.

The album is conceptual and it's recommended to be listened to in its entirety, as a single piece. credits released March 20, 2021

Music and lyrics by Alexandra Zerner Performed, recorded and produced by Alexandra Zerner Mixed and mastered by Simeon Slavchev (Lame Produced Ltd.)

Artwork by Sofia Zasheva

Alexandra Zerner: electric and acoustic guitars, fretless guitar, lap steel guitar, electric sitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, bass, keyboards, flute

Victor Alexandrov: drums

Arina: voice on "Pilzhaus"

Maja Shining (Forever Still): vocals on "Perspectives"

Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy): second solo on "Here It Comes Again"

Alexandra Zerner uses Ibanez electric and acoustic guitars, EMG pickups, Kahler tremolo systems, Danelectro sitar, Fender mandolin, Thomann octave mandolin and flute, Gretch lap steel guitar, Status bass, Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboard, Line 6 Helix guitar processor, D'addario strings, Jim Dunlop picks.

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