Dr Zerner’s Guitar Lab #0

Dr Zerner’s Guitar Lab is an education YouTube series that I started several months ago and at the moment, there are already 16 episodes released. Due to the huge amount of work I had to do in the last months which also included moving to another place to live didn’t leave me enough time and energy to take care of my website. Luckily, now I have finally managed to find some and I decided to start by posting all the episodes here.

The pilot episode is just about me explaining the concept of the series and what things I am going to address in the series. Now when I watch it, it looks funny to me but this is normal given my lack of experience with making videos and talking in front of the camera back then. Not that I am now an expert but I think I manage to make every video better than the previous which is a sign of improvement.

This series, along with all the playthroughs and covers that I started making on weekly basis, are produced thanks to my Patreon supporters so if you like what I do, consider supporting me there – memberships start as low as $3 per month: Alexandra Zerner on Patreon


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