Dr Zerner's Guitar Lab #1

Warm-ups & Stretching for Musicians 

This is the first episode of my YouTube series Dr Zerner's Guitar Lab or DZGL for short. I decided to dedicate it to warm-ups and stretching since this is the first thing a musician is supposed to do as a part of their practising routine. 

I see that there are way too small number of videos addressing this part and it's way too important to be neglected so I put high priority on that especially from the perspective of a person who has the misfortune to suffer from back and hands problems due to spinal distortion and excessive work on a laptop in non-ergonomic conditions. 

This series, along with all the playthroughs and covers that I started making on weekly basis, are produced thanks to my Patreon supporters so if you like what I do, consider supporting me there - memberships start as low as $3 per month: Alexandra Zerner on Patreon

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