Collaboration with Sevi

On the 9th of March, I took part in the promo concert of the new album by Sevi“Follow Me”, wherein I participated as a guitar player, keyboardist, and arranger. One of the biggest challenges in this album was the orchestration that I made for “Sweet Escape”, which is the last track of the album – a dramatic piano ballad with a full symphonic orchestra, building up during the song. The piece was performed live with a piano, cello, and two violins from The Strings (on the cello is Nora Kalcheva, who also recorded her part in “The Sound of Dreaming” from my new album “Opus 1880”). The album of Sevi is available on all the digital platforms.

On the concert, which happened in Sofia Live Club in Sofia, Bulgaria, I played both guitar and keyboards on the track, called “Fade Away”, which was a very interesting experience since I haven’t done such an instrumental change in the middle of a song on stage before. Here are a few shots from the show:

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